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Dear partners,

ln order to better fulfill and match your needs, we are launching today a brand new communication channel specificaly crafted for you : the HYT Mag.

Via the HYT Mag, you will be informed everytime there is new marketing material ready to be used, videos, photos, 3D’s, press releases and other news about the brand.

Stay tuned!

20 Apr 2023

Atelier video

Deep dive in our atelier with Antoine, one of our watchmakers. This is a behind the scenes of our mechanical fluidic technology and engineering mastery.

19 Apr 2023

Conical tourbillon photoshoot

Our first shooting of this masterpiece. Get the pictures.

18 Apr 2023

Geneva Watch Week video

Rewind and flashback on the best of moments of the Geneva Watch Week event at Beau Rivage Hotel.

17 Apr 2023

Conical Tourbillon video

Discover the Conical Tourbillon video presented World Premiere during the Geneva Watch Week

17 Apr 2023

Hastroid Movement

Discover the first Hastroid Movement close up shooting.